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For Future consideration, You may at this time email your Headshot and Resume if you fit a role below. You may also send headshot and resume' if you feel you could fit this 1860 era Film.
We WILL NOT be communicating with anyone regarding casting. We will be holding Discovery Auditions soon in a city near you.

You may email your Head Shot & Resume' as we are currently seeking Discovery submissions. We will not be able to respond to casting questions at this time. If you fit a character below, please put that in the subject line. If you want to be considered for an extra role for the 1860 pre-civil war  era project, Please stay tuned for more updates regarding in person auditions.


Duvall Walker:  Mid-twenties, six feet tall, jet-black shoulder length hair. Dark, tanned skin with dark eyes. Hard working farmer who doesn’t want much out of life. He is an honest, easy going man that is conflicted by the thought of finding his wife that he couldn’t stand being around, and the feelings he has developed for another woman.


Amanda Walker:  Extremely attractive woman, long brown hair, very voluptuous in all the right ways. Mid-twenties with flawless skin and she knows how beautiful she is. Amanda has a horrible attitude towards most people, especially her husband. Because of her parent’s wealth, she thinks she is superior to most people. Loves to criticize her husband and his family. She has a vicious tongue and knows how to use it.


JC:  Late twenties, short brown hair. Tries to carry herself like a man to avoid the harassment her looks often bring. Wears oversized clothes and a big flop hat. Can drink, fight, and curse as well as any man could. Once killed a man that tried to have his way with her. She was abused as a child and doesn’t trust any man except for her dad and brother. She falls for Duvall during their journey but is confused by her feelings.


Hampton Walker:  Duvall’s father and a very large man, standing almost six feet five, with very broad shoulders. He is around fifty and has the dark skin and hair like Duvall and a deep, commanding voice that demands attention. His wife had died years earlier and he raised their two sons by himself. Also was a farmer and a simple man. He was a great father that taught his  boys right from wrong.


Jimmie Lee Walker:  Teenage boy around sixteen years old. He has light colored hair and skin like his deceased mother. Simple young man with a good sense of humor. Looks up to his big brother Duvall, and lives on a farm with his dad. He is worried that the Yankees will come and take their farms and is bound and determined to stop them.


Peck Davis:  Owner of the flatboat that they use to try and find Amanda. Late fifties with a bad drinking problem. Grouchy, and hates cold weather. Knows the Mississippi River like the back of his hand. Turns out to be an agreeable old fart with a big heart. He secretly helps a runaway slave seek passage to his freedom. He is the stepfather of JC and Shanks.


Cleo Watkins:  The local constable in Helena. Mid-thirties with weight and hygiene issues. Prefers naps and meals to actual work. Hates Duvall, but fears Hampton. Tries to be an authority buts usually gets shut down pretty quick.


Shanks:  Early-twenties, tall and long-legged. JC’s brother and Peck’s stepson. Mentally challenged but with a lot of common sense.


Marcel Montrose:  Mid-fifties, kind of a sleezy character. Beady little eyes, greasy hair, but always well-dressed in black, from head to toe. Extremely wealthy with his own custom-built steamboat, the SS Diablo. He is from New Orleans and made his money through drugs and prostitution. Seems to be tiring of the lifestyle that he leads, but it is all he knows. He tries to make Amanda care for him, but it is useless.


Louis Cantrell:  Late-thirties, dark hair, skin, and eyes. Native of New Orleans, where he grew up on the streets, fending for himself. Heartless and fearless, he has killed many people, for many reasons, but without hesitation. An expert in opium and how to distribute the powerful drug. He is Montrose’s right-hand man and enforcer of his empire.


Tyro:  Mid-thirties, tall and lanky, but strong from a hard life. He is from south Louisiana and is very good at his trade, which is abducting women. He works for Montrose but is fiercely independent. He receives a severe facial wound from Amanda as she was kidnapped.


Weasel:  Scrawny young man maybe twenty years old. Not very intelligent, but a good scout that has an eye for beautiful women. He first spotted Amanda in Helena and followed her home. Also from south Louisiana, he is terrified of Tyro and tries his best to follow orders even though Amanda’s beauty makes him confused sometimes.

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